Hawks and knights are finalizing the transaction: Korver will go to grams city from nbacoinsbuy's blog

January 6, according to Yahoo nba 2k mt correspondent Shams Charania reported that the Cavaliers and the Hawks are finalizing a deal, the Eagles will shoot the team Kyle - Kyle Korver sent to the Knights, but the Cavaliers will be Korver What is the chip to pay is still not clear.


Korver will be a free agent this summer, he shot five times outside the arc, the hit rate as high as 40.9%, due to JR need to be out for a fewnba 2k16 mt coins weeks of thumb surgery, so the Cavaliers in urgent need of two Position for the team to add firepower.


This season so far, Korver played a total of 32 times on behalf of the team, averaging 28 minutes in the playing time for the teamnba 2k16 coins can contribute 9.5 points 2.8 rebounds 2.3 assists.



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By nbacoinsbuy
Added Jan 6 '17


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