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After meeting some friends halloween costumes outlet last night and the topic of my blog came up for discussion, i was made aware of the fact that I havent even done a review of what is (probably) the most loved Freya bras of all time: the Freya Deco!

It may come as a surprise lingerie manufacturer china to many that despite this bra being one of Evedens best-sellers and a favourite with many full-busted bloggers and girls on forums internet-wide, for me its not a good bra.

Thats not to say its not a potentially underwear manufacturer china great choice for you, but as a girl with wide set and with breast that have a lower fullness, I dont get on with this bra at all. It seems to be more suited to girls who have naturally more top heavy boobs or rounded shape.

One of the biggest struggles for me with the Deco is that its quite tricky to find a size that fits. I find the band to be rather more generous than many of Freyas styles, and the cup size feels like a cup size too big. Despite usually wearing a 28FF in styles like the Freya Jolie and Jessica, with the Deco the best fit Ive found has been the 28F, as shown above.

Those of you looking at the picture may wonder how I can say this is a bad bra for me, and yes when I put it on it does look great, with an unequalled rounded shape, soft fabric and great support, but after a while of wearing it my boobs really settle into the cups which results in gaping at the top of the cups and thats not pretty!

It just goes to show that a bra can work so well for some people but not for others, as full-busted blogger Fuller Figure Fuller Bust swears by the Deco as her favourite bra of all time, and the shape really suits her. You should by no means take my experience with the bra to be a given, and from what Ive read this bra works wonderfully for so many women, but be aware that for ladies with lower fullness you might not get on with it.

The recent launch of this style in a strapless has also caused a storm and gone down so well amongst customers and after hearing nothing but good things about the bra (despite not getting on well with the normal Deco) I decided to try one on for size and Im happy to report that it suited my shape much better.

It has been truly amazing the kind of clothes I can wear with my Deco Strapless a whole range of clothing that before I would have ignored for the fear of strapless styles, however when shopping I now know that my Deco will save me the perfect amount of padding to add a little structure and a lower cut style to avoid peeking through or showing under lower-cut tops and dresses. A whole wealth of clothes I would have avoided before and now I seem to be stocking up on strapless styles in anticipation for the arrival of my Deco!

When originally buying the 28FF Deco (I was fitted into that size by Bravissimo) I found the band very tight after wearing and so I exchanged it soon after for a 30F which was much better for me. I found the band super tight in the strapless version, particularly when compared to the regular Deco which is rather more slack than your average band.

The only complaints I have ever heard from Deco fanatics is the lack of availability of cup sizes. Whilst no one can deny Freya have a brilliant cup size range, with styles up to a K cup, however the Deco is only available to a GG (which is amazing as far as high street stores go, but the sheer amount of Freya girls with a H+ cup surely renders an increase in size range?)

For further discussion of the GG+ Deco, check out Fuller Figure Fuller Busts post on the subject.

In the mean time, however, girls up to a GG cup if you still havent got a Deco I strongly suggest you check it out, you will not be disappointed! Deco rating: Attractiveness: 6/10 Fit: 4/10 Comfort: 5/10 Styling: 8/10 Support: 5/10 Shape: 10/10 Price vs. Quality: 8/10 Re-purchasability: 2/10 Invest In Your Chest Rating: 5/10 Strapless Deco ratings: Attractiveness: 5/10 Fit: 7/10 Comfort: 7/10 Styling: 6/10 Support: 7/10 Shape: 7/10 Price vs. Quality: 8/10 Re-purchasability: 7/10 Invest In Your Chest Rating: 8/10

Check out some other great Deco reviews on girls with different shapes by Sophia Jenner and Undercover Lingerista.

The Freya Deco Strapless bra was gifted as part of my free sets for being a part of the Freya Fitting Talk blog. This does not affect my opinion or my write up in any way. All views expressed are my own.

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