De Bruyne I hope to win the Manchester City Derby from lolgavip's blog

With 8 rounds remaining in the English Premier League, Manchester City is about to usher in the second round of Manchester City Derby with Manchester City rival Manchester United. Manchester City midfielder Debrauner hopes the team can win a Premier League title.

De Bruyne said: "I think all the Manchester City players hope that this will work hard to win the Manchester City Derby and win the Premier League championship. But even if we don't win, it doesn't matter."

"The away game against Everton is very tough FIFA Coins and we all know. By the time they may have relegated, let us wait and see. Now it looks like there is still a long time from Derby in Manchester. I hope everyone can recover. Fight for the final stage."

In the match against Stoke City in midweek, David Silva was only two dollars. De Bruyne said: "There is no competition between us. I hope he can score more goals. This is for us. Everyone is doing their part, sometimes I, and sometimes David."

"Obviously, I'm very happy with the way I play. I think I play well. But I don't need to score or assist. I just need to do my own thing to help the team win the game so I He will be very happy. It is incredible to play with David. Given his level of athleticism, he is underestimated."

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By lolgavip
Added Mar 17


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