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  Frag videos beggarly a lot of altered things to people. For the apprenticed they’re dubstep messes of advantageous shots AWP Skins and one-ofs. To the added invested, the best are music videos accumulated with memorable moments and massive displays of skill. However, they’re absolute rarely movies unto themselves, with the assembly ethics of a Marvel flick and so abundant sprucing up of the bold in catechism - CS:GO in this case - that its maps, models and gameplay are almost recognisable. Such is the plan of YouTuber Nicole "NikkyyHD" Hawkins and her latest piece, Clockwork 4.

  The best FPS amateur all attending abundant if edited like this.

   Having watched many, abounding hours of CS:GO, it still took me a while to plan out what maps some of these shots are even on. Roughly bisected of the six minute video is absolutely custom content, with the blow getting so heavily edited alone the frags themselves are from the absolute game.

  In case it needs explaining, no, Dust 2 isn’t set in some aggregate of night-time boscage and brilliant field, nor do whirlwinds consistently pop up on Inferno or players bung teleporters on to the arena to move amid maps. The annotation and kills are real, a lot of of the blow is not. If, like me, you weren’t absolutely abiding which $.25 were where, this accessible imgur anthology from Reddit should accumulate you straight. Aswell accessible as wallpapers, if you’re so inclined.

  As for the creator, NikkyyHD is a able animator and video-maker that does arrangement work. She’s been creating frag vids like this for a brace of years, a lot of conspicuously a Call of Duty cine blue-blooded Pamaj afterwards the amateur it stars. She’s aswell done some absolutely custom plan for League of Legends. Hit up her approach for more. While we’re here, this is still the best frag video of all time, in case you were wondering.

  In added CS:GO news,Buy CS GO Skins ESL Pro League Season 3 accomplished up yesterday, and bold 5 of the admirable final amid G2 Esports and Luminosity Gaming is a have to watch. It's a continued ride but achieve in for some admirable Counter-Strike.


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By 4csgoskins
Added Jun 14 '16



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