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 Kobe Bryant, on the 24th gold shirt, appeared in the Los Angeles 4:00 men, not surprisingly, once again occupied the major news headlines. This time, nba 2k16 vc it was because of his departure. April 14, Bryant's career farewell fight, this time, really want to leave.

The Wall Street Journal had to marvel at why Kobe every little move can cause a huge stir in China, 18-time All-Star, a conventional MVP, had let him own aura. Perhaps it is because of this stubborn man, he was talented, but more hard work, he began his career in the competition, but also dedicated to choose to end the competition. He is a phenomenal superstar.

Bryant's feelings, both love and hate, and perhaps are hard to say goodbye, not a present, how many fans to tears. Bryant retired from the closer of the day, we also specifically for Kobe Bryant and the majority of fans crafted "Man walking" documentary, let us recall the glory days of that period.

Farewell, high school, sharks, opponents, pain, love, nba 2k16 vc account ...... these words throughout the 20 years of Bryant legendary basketball life, never seemed to like him live forever in the controversy and in the topic. Up to now, it has been released playback volume has more than 24 million times.

In the documentary, we recall him too much glory and legend, of course, pain and tears. Comment circle has long been full of messages. It is said that after 4:00 you can not hear the sound of a blacksmith. It was also asked sense of loss, you're gone, what is left of youth ...... probably for many Chinese people, NBA three letters It is increasingly clear understanding after Bryant.

20 years ago, Kobe Bryant on the court, hitting enemies and friends have disappeared, in front of those fresh faces, and we had to remind him that this process is taking too long.

Flying Man City of Angels, this time, Man go!nba 2k16 vc sale Let us use "Man go," everything you bring tribute, record your final glory


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