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France teenager DeBeiLai joined Bara at a high FIFA Coins price last summer, and two muscle injuries so that he has no chance of highlight performance in Barcelona. The Barcelona also strive to help the teenager better adapt to Barcelona, and gave him a private chef to bid farewell to fast food.

During the first wounds after injuries, Dembele only to be pastime in the hotel, the only entertainment is video games and video calls with French friends. Communication barriers and poor eating habits aroused the concern of the club, the club in many ways take care of his life, try to make everything in line with the requirements of a professional player. The club asked him to have lunch with his teammates at Sports City and have him equipped with a private chef to make his dinner goodbye to fast food.

In housing, Dembele had demanded three houses, one for himself, one for father and one for mother, but the request was not fulfilled. The club found him a house, and his friend went to his house from time to time to visit him .

Dembele's compatriot Umdityti, best friend in the locker room, was wounded in the last few weeks as Dembele almost lost contact with his team-mate because of language problems. And his other teammates also dedicated to help him, of course, fellow Di Nebuchadnezzar and to a greater extent, to speed up his adaptation process.

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