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As an increasing number of people continue to embrace e commerce, millions of services and products are published in various online stores, and also your rivalry for online buyers has intensified from all over the earth among providers.
Now, to be able to compete in the online marketplace one ought a thorough comprehension of the competition product offering as well as other product variation.
But, due to the numbers of products in the online marketplace, most sellers have found it tough to perform market research.
But with the debut of product research tool, searching competitors' product online as well as goods are made easy.
Product research tool assists in estimating the best sellers rank, calculate the normal rating, show the pricing history, provide information on competitions' product offering, and also helps to gauge competitions' revenue per month.

The 2 most popular product writer tools in the market are Jungle scout and ASINSpector .
Both products have features that are almost similar but also the item pricing plans as well as other offerings make the difference.
For instance, ASINspector includes just one payment plan that requires the customer to pay an upfront fee of $97 and then pay $10 every month.
On the other hand, Jungle scout has two payment plans namely the expert plan along with the Idol plan. For the plan that is ace, while to get the package, an individual has to pay for a fee of $97 one has to pay a fee of 197.
Jungle scout can be accessed using the net application although both software can be accessed using a Google-Chrome expansion. Below is a comparison of those 2 products.
More Details:

1. The Format of this Computer Software

Jungle scout: Chrome extension/Web program
ASINspector expansion

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

-Both applications have extension, but the extension can be properly used by Google chrome browser.
Jungle scout might be accessed giving it an edge when it comes to usability.

Benefits of expansion

They are easy to use
More user friendly interface that is more friendly
Source Products Instantly

Disadvantages of chrome extensions

Extension enables the user computer vulnerable to online risks

2. Differentiating between sponsored and organic merchandise

Jungle scout: Doesn't display the entire sponsored product .
ASINspector: The feature is offered in the pro edition. The standard version does not need this feature.

Reviews about Jungle scout & ASINspector:

Though not displaying sponsored product might help determine how your product is performing, with or without product that is sponsored.
Perhaps not displaying sponsored product denies you a opportunity to observe a number of your competitions' information.

3. Product variations

Jungle scout: Show variation of the product.
ASINspector: Can not manage product variant

Reviews regarding Jungle scout & ASINspector:

Perhaps not revealing product variations ensures that the user becomes erroneous information about the item on the market.
For instance if a product has some variant, ASINspector is only going to show the result for its first one while jungle research show the combined total of the variation.
Jungle pro can hence be thought to me more accurate in contrast to ASINspector.

4. RunOn best sellers page

Jungle scout: Run on online stores
ASINspector: Can Run Using best sellers page

Reviews concerning ASINSpector
Jungle scout have the ability to run in competitions pages as well as best sellers page while in comparison ASINspector
Jungle scout can be helpful in making up product ideas.

5. Price and BSR Heritage

Jungle scout shows the background which is not detailed
ASINspector: Shows Price and BSR History

Reviews regarding ASINspector & Jungle scout:

ASINspector includes a unique quality that really helps to observe the purchase price and also BSR history. This is very valuable to sellers in amazon as it aids in seeing the strategy that the opponent is using in price wars.
Additionally, the pricing history can assist you to determine the variations demands in the market before posting a product that is new.
The feature's disadvantage is the fact that this data's accuracy cannot be verified. The application form may pick the price that the supplier claim to possess dropped that it's not the situation.

6. Favorite Searches

Jungle scout: Does not store user search history
ASINspector: Saves users search background

Reviews regarding ASINspector & Jungle scout:

ASINspector is able to bookmark user hunts. The searchers are crucial given that they offer suggestions to the user while utilizing the application.
In addition the encoded data causes the browser faster to use and also in certain instances present the user using reminders on some of the competing product that an individual might have forgotten when using the technique.
If now manages security risk is possessed by saving user data into this user. One could lose important information to hackers and other online dangers.

7. User interface

Jungle scout: Web application/chrome extension
ASINspector: Mobile application/chrome extension

Reviews concerning Jungle scout & ASINspector:

For jungle scout, the user interface is easier to use and more easy to use as the data is overlaid on the top of your browser.
When searching, on the other hand, a new tab opens and at times it can result to open tabs.
ASINspector has a mobile application version, meaning it can be accessed with a mobile computing unit. This allows the use to use the product where given there was online access.


To be able to compete satisfactorily in the online marketplace, obtaining an item search tool is a requirement that every merchant should use.
Though both products above have service offering, each product has its unique advantages and features this one ought to seek out before making a buy.
By way of instance, ASINspector is pocket-friendly and although it has a subscription fee whilst jungle scout has no subscription fee however, the acquisition cost is high.
ASINspector might be recommended whilst jungle scout could be advocated for users, to all those folks who don't utilize the product each month.
Owing to its capacity jungle scout gives more accurate results when compared with ASINspector.
Additionally, jungle scout content that is hosted giving it an edge over ASINspector and has the capability to differentiate between content that is organic.
Considering all of the features of this product, one can have the ability to generate an informed decision on what product to purchase for product usage.

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