As the team captain Henderson accumulated a yellow card banned from lolgavip's blog

As the team captain Henderson accumulated a FIFA Coins yellow card banned, Milner played the captain as the captain full 90 minutes. After the game, he explained how they had adjusted at halftime. When he said he entered the lounge, the Red Army soldiers knew very well that they needed to be more proactive in the second half.

Speaking of Liverpool's adjustments at halftime, Milner replied, "We obviously want to improve our performance. We oppressed not enough and did not put pressure on our opponents. It was the entire ball. The team's business was with everyone, so I believe we did it in the second half and launched more offensives against our opponents. Our possessions improved slightly and we were calmer on several occasions. But we once again established a solid line of defense. And that's the key to our final victory, and it's the performance that you have to play when you meet a strong team like Manchester City."

"At the time (we were playing a bit nervous in the first half), Manchester City was a very good team, and they always put you under pressure. We know this well. We can't throw in the towel, we need to play more." In front of you, put more pressure on your opponent - if you give a good number of good players the time to calmly control the ball, then they will hurt you and they will create their own opportunities, but I think that our performance proves that we are The second half played very actively, attacked again, kicked out excellent performance and got the desired result."

Although Liverpool eliminated the Premier League leader in the Champions League, Milner still upheld his usual low-key attitude. He stressed that the Red Army needs to learn lessons from two rounds of confrontation with Manchester City. The midfielder continued: "We still need to improve our performance. We need to learn from these two rounds of confrontation. But I believe everyone knows how good Manchester City is, so they can defeat them in two consecutive games. The self-confidence for us is a great improvement, which proves that we are also a very good team.

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