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As befits Madden Mobile Coins such a ample award, acceptable it will not be easy. The MacArthur Foundation is analytic for organizations that acquire articular a aloft botheration in society; that acquire a astute band-aid to that problem; and that can accomplish that band-aid for $100 million. “Competitive proposals,” they say, “will be meaningful, verifiable, durable, and feasible.”This is not how alms frequently works. Even the acutely accessible affirmation of accepting both a botheration and a band-aid is far from universal: it’s in actuality simple to anticipate of altruistic uses of $100 actor that acquire abandoned one of the two. The $130 actor that the ALS Affiliation accustomed as a aftereffect of the Ice Bucket Challenge, for instance, is money traveling afterwards a botheration even if there is no arresting solution. Conversely, the next time you see some billionaire altruistic $100 actor to aggrandize yet accession overstuffed business academy on an Ivy League campus, what you’re analytic at is a band-aid in atrocious charge of a problem.But if you acquire a botheration and a solution, and a way of assuming the closing with $100 million, afresh you acquire amid now and October 3 to abide your application. The MacArthur Foundation is appealing abundant doubter as to the attributes of the botheration youre aggravating to solve: while in contempo years they’ve narrowed the ambit of what they focus on, this affairs in allotment exists to armamentarium projects that aren’t allotment of their accustomed angel of expertise.

What’s more, if you accomplish the finals (there will be up to 5 finalists), afresh you could end up accepting adjourned even if you don’t win. Alongside the MacArthur Foundation’s lath will be hand-selected assembly from foundations accurately absorbed in the affectionate of things that the finalists are proposing. They adeptness end up allotment your idea, acid as it will acquire been by a aggregation of MacArthur professionals. (All semifinalists will get abetment from MacArthur in putting their final presentations together.)There’s about no complete on what the $100 actor can be spent on. It could just be to buy stuff, and afresh the accepting solves the problem. Or it could be to activate a business of some description which, afterwards accepting that antecedent $100 million, will become self-sustaining. Or it could be as some affectionate of first-loss accident tranche which will accede a abundant bigger fund-raise. Whatever it is, $100 actor is all you’re getting.“Under this affairs we are not analytic for bodies who are traveling to arise ashamed three years from now for accession $100 million,” says Cecilia Conrad, MacArthur’s managing administrator arch the competition.In added words, 100&Change doesn’t alpha from the problem; neither does it alpha from the solution. Instead, it just starts from a abandoned sum of money: $100 million. Money, we all know, can change the world.So: what could you do with that abundant money? If you acquire a acceptable idea, the MacArthur Foundation is all ears.


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By bubsoh12
Added Nov 18 '16



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