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LIMBECK: Hey chief Purple, Are you still tucked away deep inside your draft man cave scouring over college player profiles trying to uncover the hidden gems the Vikings should be selecting in the next day or two? I'm sure you think drafting a kicker should be excellent for Vikings' list as the last time you popped your head out of the cave Blair Walsh was shanking a kick that nearly hooked out of TCF Bank Stadium blair walsh jersey. Right now the Vikings have eight picks in the upcoming seven round draft which is to be held Thursday Saturday. And gm Rick Spielman says the Vikings are open to drafting any position at any time in the draft. But it is assumed the Vikings have some real needs at certain positions harrison smith jersey, treat? FELDMAN: My index cards are equipped to, My helmet phone is wired into Winter Park and video is rolling on a continuous loop on two TVs, A computer and a touch screen phone. There's even a projector on one side of the cave showing non colored documents film of Moritz Boehringer, The German wide receiver who just might be Trader Rick's late round steal this year. that is getting ahead of things. yeah, The Vikings involve some needs, Though not as many as in years past. Receiver is an understandable need, But headgear Hair, let's say the Mike Zimmer led Vikings go 'D' again in Round 1? Perhaps an accomplice for Harrison Smith? LIMBECK: I don't know if are going to be a safety available to the Vikings at No. 23 that levels out that high. Several guys who could go early in the second round could be Jalen Mills (LSU), Karl ernest (West va) to Darian Thompson (Boise appearance). Which raises a fun questions, If the Vikings don't like who is for purchase at No personalized vikings jersey. 23, will they trade down? Spielman has insisted two teams have contacted him about the pick. FELDMAN: I have a notion that if Trader Rick makes a deal, It'll be to get back into the first round once they pick at 23. The Vikings have done a fantastic job of hitting on picks in later rounds in recent seasons from Everson Griffen to Danielle Hunter to Stefon Diggs in addition to signing some key free agents and building up their own highly drafted players. simply put, there's not a lot of available roster spots on this team. The Vikings needn't trade down and stockpile 10 picks this week. Maybe Spielman tries to hit a couple homers in Round 1 and ships away some mid round choices. LIMBECK: This Vikings draft has a feel that it could go so a number of ways. most have real needs at wide receiver and offensive line. But Zimmer is such a defensive guy that he would like to land a defensive tackle and/or safety high in the draft as well. i saw Spielman trading down five to 10 picks from the No mackensie alexander jersey. 23 spot if he made it possible to land, Say another third round pick and also. I think you will need to agree that the Vikings do need to land a receiver and offensive lineman in this draft. FELDMAN: Spielman can say what he wants or what he needs to say about the Vikings' purposes at No. 23, But it'll be a shock if it shouldn't take a receiver there. problem becomes, who will the pick? What should they have a choice of Corey Coleman, Josh Doctson or alternatively Laquon Treadwell? Or to choose two of those three? Even Trader Rick can't refuse a WR in that spot. LIMBECK: I think if Doctson or Tredwell can be there at No. 23, The pick might be a receiver. If are both gone, The Vikings could trade down and nab a player or take a top preventative player. it seems like the fan base wants a receiver, And I do and. My get: Doctson, Who I feel fits the team's need best as a big bodied individual. FELDMAN: even though I shudder to say this, I agree with you, head protection Hair. If Coleman was three inches tall, He'd really do the guy. But the Vikings need that tall guy that win battles against d backs. If Doctson's right there, He's the make a decision. He's lustrous, possibly at 6 feet 2, 202 excess pounds, Does every part well. Line him up opposite Diggs for quite a while.

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