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Today I was treated to not one but TWO corsets wholesale bra fittings, one from an age-old trusted brand who have long been one of my favourites, and the second was Boux Avenue.

Today was well-respected full-busted wholesale halloween costumes brand Panaches Panache Fit for a Queen bloggers event (more on that later!) and as often happens at these kind of events a bra fitting comes as standard. Ive been fitted at Panache before, and alongside the likes of The Eveden Group, (think Freya, Fantasie, Elomi and Huit) and Bravissimo you can tell that they really know their stuff. The bra just feels right; supportive and tailor made. I genuinely believe you should never accept anything less.

Effortlessly fitted in my current correct wholesale christmas costumes size of 28G or 30FF (depending on the style of the bra) sans tape measure they made it look so easy. And the fitting knowledge and advice? Second to none. Of course.

As a brand at the forefront of the fuller busted market, perhaps Panache could teach a thing or two to new kids on the block Boux Avenue. If youve been reading my blog for the past few weeks you might have seen how Fuller Figure Fuller Busts Georgina, Becky and I went to go test out the brands new store in Westfields, London, as well as their fitting service which was, quite frankly a disappointment. I was fitted in a 32E on the smallest hook and my boobs left feeling very confused. Cue blog post.

Well, their very on-the-ball social media bod and blogger Miss B got in touch, and we all went for a second fitting. Thankfully, the service was 100% better, and my faith was restored in Boux once more.

I promised to pay another store a visit, and what better opportunity than the day I was in Sheffield for the Panaches blogger event? Georgina and I popped down to the Meadowhall store in Sheffield for a fitting with my fingers crossed and my heart filled with hope. Unfortunately it was a fools hope, as I was again fitted in a 32E (or 34DD in some styles).

This time around, it felt all the more strange after the spot-on fitting that Id received only a few hours earlier.

So what does this mean? Surely this proves that the service I received in the Westfields store which was not up to Bouxs usually high standards was not just a one off?

In fact it was worse third time round as the assistant didnt try me in any different bras or styles, instead putting me in a single bra, explaining precious little about the signs of a good fit and failed to notice how the bra had been put on wrong. I had boobs coming out under my arm pits and my nips were in all directions. Sad boobs.

Such a pretty store and pretty, reasonably priced bras on the high street deserve a high-quality fitting service, and its also something thats hugely lacking for so many women Boux really have the opportunity to make a change for hundreds no, thousands of more women who so desperately need a good fit. Why let that opportunity go to waste?

For the record, I tried their pretty Poppy Coral style in a 30FF and it was beautiful and the fit was spot on. Such a shame.


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By tydfewqx10
Added Aug 14 '17


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