Although today is Manchester Uniteds competition day from xingwang's blog

22 years later, Manchester United behind Manchester City 12 points, can reproduce the reversal of the miracle of the year? The first thing to do is to work hard for the victory of every race and wait until the blue moon makes a mistake. Next, Mourinho's team will be leveraging Burnley, Tottenham, Huddersfield and Newcastle, the venue should not be missed; from February 25, they will usher in a daunting test: Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, West Ham United and Swansea flocked to derby on the second round of Manchester City on April 7. In the Etihad came two to FIFA Coins fight, Manchester United is the opportunity to narrow the points difference, the Derby into a title war of King Mountain, or ahead of the lost chain, farther farther farther? It's still early days, but wait and see.

Although today is Manchester United's competition day, but the industry and the focus of attention are placed on the transfer market. In the Sanchez battle, Manchester United came from behind, beat the city rivals Manchester City prevail, not only to Arsenal offer 35 million pounds, but also willing to join the player as a head start. So who involved in this transfer Red Devils? Manchester United side is provided by Mkhitaryan, Arsenal hired from Dortmund chief spy Militant naturally hope Mickey reunion, but Wenger most want is not Armenian, but Marshal, and even the intention of the players Between the direct exchange.


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By xingwang
Added Jan 23


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