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For weeks we are academic CS:GO Skins will be accomplished amid the Liquid and CLG aggregation a deal, and now confirmed, Liquid will use its snipers Kenneth "Koosta" Suen barter CLG aggregation of Josh "jdm" Marzano. The transaction is able anon afterwards the announcement, which agency that the ECS and ESL One Cologne JDM will represent the Liquid aggregation competition; similarly, the Koosta added CLG will action in a new team. This will not be the alone one to accomplish Liquid aggregation changes, they accept appear will dive into a new team, so that the endure above (Annotation: When apropos to ESL One Cologne) Afterwards replaced S1mple.

CSGO-Liquid with actual aftereffect CLG barter Sniper

Kenneth "koosta" Suen on the transaction fabricated the afterward comment:

"I've been acquisitive to wish to fly to Los Angeles to accommodated my new aggregation and advancing for my aboriginal above tournament. Thank you actual abundant CLG aggregation for giving me this opportunity, I achievement I can try to accommodated everyone's expectations."

Team Liquid collective owners, co-CEO, Steve Arhancet said:

"Josh is actual appreciative to be able to accompany us, our aggregation and the club fight. He hungry, motivated, talented, he capital to exhausted anyone else.Buy CSGO Skins He's concordance there is no 'failure' is the appropriate time administration forward. "


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By 4csgoskins
Added Jun 16 '16



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